1. The sample packs provided for download on are freely available to download and to be used personally and non-commercially (e.g. SoundCloud only releases).
  2. If you would like to commercially release or exploit (i.e. make available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc) a new recording which includes any of the samples or exploit a standalone sample, then you must first send an approval request to: [email protected]
    • Please include the following information in your approval request:
    • A streaming link (e.g. dropbox, box, soundcloud) to the new recording (do not attach an mp3/wav/m4a file);
    • Details of how the recording will be released (i.e. name of record label, distributor); and
    • Intended date of release.
  3. You will only have permission to commercially release or exploit any recording which includes any of the samples with written permission in from [email protected], Jonas Aden, his authorised representatives and the record label that has the exclusive license to the recording by Jonas Aden from which the samples have been made available.
  4. Using any of the samples from the sample packs without approval can result in copyright infringements claims being lodged and your release being taken down.
  5. Good luck, have fun and make sure to send me your new creations!